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Retro concept car - 1956 Fiat Abarth Record Car (Bertone)

The reputation of the bodywork builder in Corso Peschiera soon grew, thanks especially to the success of the Sprint. This led Bertone to try out other projects, which although without immediate financial returns, confirmed his creativity and original style. In 1956 he created extremely streamlined designs for two record-breaking Abarths, which took their inspiration from the aerodynamics of similar German pre-war cars, with highly interesting results from a technical and aesthetic point of view. The two prototypes set an impressive ten world records for the H class on the high speed track at Monza: the most important being 4000 km at an average speed of 156.36 km/h, and 10,125.56 km covered in 72 hours. The car was fitted with a four-cylinder 743 cc. engine derived from the Fiat 600.

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