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Soviet IZH Jupiter 5 Motorcycle - Time Capsule im Factory Packaging

Soviet IZH Jupiter-5 was pretty legendary bike in Soviet Union, as the supply of the motorcycles was mostly limited to Soviet or Eastern European models. One dude found a non-touched absolutely new time capsuled motorcycle in a factory packaging.

IZH started in 1933 in the USSR town of Izhevsk which is where the name came from, the first three letters of the town name. IZH did as many Soviet motorcycle companies of the era did, they copied the technology of other manufacturers and the early bikes from IZH were direct take-off's of Germany's DWK. After WWII, IZH began producing ISDT racing versions using regular production parts but in the 1960's made specialized bikes with winning in mind.

These ISDT inspired motorcycles proved very successful winning gold medals in international competition for the Soviet teams. IZH continues to produce motorcycles and are very popular in the Middle East, Far East, Eastern Europe, Central Africa and South America.

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Today you can buy a lot of those second hand from Soviet era cheaply. But you can't find a brand new one. So this was a great find. It was made in 1990 and was listed for sale for mere 125,000 roubles or roughly $2200.
It included full set that went with Soviet motorcycles including a small tin of paint once you need to paint some scratches or so.
This was a 350cc Soviet bike, successor of Jupiter-4 one. It had only 24 hp.

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