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Psychedelic Wallpaper

Psychedelic_dingbats, PNG version
Psychedelic_dingbats, PNG version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here is my collection of psychedelic wallpaper that you can use for desktop backgrounds to liven up your pc. I've made use of these trippy backgrounds for a number of years now and my collection continues to grow. Some of them are quite large and you can expand each image by clicking on it.

The collection ranges from simple, traditional hand drawn psychedelia to more complex 3d digital art renderings. If you know of any other good free desktop pics with a trippy theme add a comment below and let us know what you have.

psychedelic peace signpsychedelic wave wallpaperabstract 3d wallpaper3d fractal wallpaper
abstract 3d art background wallpaper
abstract digital art

abstract psychedelic dark cloudpsychedelic visionary art wallpaperjellyfish 3d desktop wallpapersurreal wallpaper background]3d fractal art by psionspiritual 3d fractal wallpapercolorful 3d fractal wallpaperpsychedelic galactic wallpaperamazing psychedelic artworkayahusca visionary art3d fractal art wallpapertrippy psychedelic art imagetrippy artwork wallpaperabstract 3d organic art
fractal vortex
psychedelic landscape background psychedelic visionary artwork wallpaper
organic flowing trippy visuals
psychedelic visionary art paintingsymmetrical organic psychedleic art fractal trippy spiralfractal voidpsychedelic lionpsychedelic alien

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