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Buzludzha – An Abandoned UFO-Shaped Communist Building

The Buzludzha Monument is an abandoned UFO-shaped building in Bulgaria. It was initially built by the Communists and left unmaintained since 1989.

I visited the Buzludzha Monument with Don’t Complain Travel in May 2014. It was a very cold morning (-14 °C / 6.8 °F) and my friend and I were the only ones on top of the hill. We had to fight through knee-deep snow until we had reached the sealed main entrance. Luckily, we found a little hole to the right of it so we could slip in. The Buzludzha Monument looks like a UFO from the inside, with light coming through the broken roof. There are beautiful mosaics on the walls commemorating communist idols and leaders.

There are also creepy underground rooms (mostly filled with debris and trash) and there’s also a tower that you can climb to the top. From there, you will have an amazing view of the entire Shipka region.

Currently, nobody feels responsible for renovating the Buzludzha Monument, which is why it is increasingly deteriorating.


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