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Contemporary Mythic Art; gods & monsters of Norse Mythology - Thor

Thor, the god of Thunder

The Mighty Thor, who was known primarily as the thunder god was also the Norse god of war and agriculture. he was among the great gods of the Aesir, second only to Odin, his father. His mother was Fiörgyn the beautiful giantess, and Loki, his half-brother, was a frequent companion on his adventures. His name is the Teutonic word for thunder, outside the Teutonic areas, he has close affinities with Jupiter or Zeus. He was worshipped as Thunor, or Thonar in ancient England.

His hammer, also created by the dwarfs, was aptly called Mjölnir (crusher ) was as destructive as the thunderbolts of Zeus in punishing wrongdoers. It was the most potent weapon against the Frost Giants, Fire Trolls and other enemies. When Thor hurled it, it returned to his hand after hitting it's target. When Thor put on his magic belt his already enormous strength was doubled. The creators of these marvels, the Dwarfs were a class of clever supernatural beings not unlike elves and fairies, noted for skill at metalworking and serving the gods.

Thor, is for whom Thursday or Thor's day was originally named. He was apparently more widely worshipped than any other god by the ancient Norsemen. The evolution of the popular Thor Mythology continues to this day in comic books, video games, and motion pictures.
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