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Soviet Photography 1917-1940 part 1 of 2

from English Russia

A set of interesting pictures of the early Soviet times.

Red Army patrol in Petrograd, 1917.

Checking documents at the entrance to Smolniy, November, 1917.

Young guard of Petrograd, 1919.

Graduates of the courses for Red Army commanding officers, Petrograd, 1919.

Red Army men, 1920s.

Moscow, Sukharevskiy market, 1920s.

Moscow, Borodino bridge, 1920s.

Moscow, Pushkin Square, 1920s.

Dinner in the commune, 1920s

Washing in the Mosow river, 1920s

Soviet Bolshevik leader M. Kalinin with villagers in the house of his mother, 1920. 

 Famous Soviet military leaders over the map of the south front. 1920.

Agitation vehicle of one factory at the october demostration, Leningrad 1924.

At the reception of the all-Union Bolshevik headman M. Kalinin, 1924. 

 Tea drinking, 1926.

 Shoe-repair shop, 1925.

Soviet tractors, 1925.

Yard, 1927.

Meeting of women-workers in the Kremlin, 1927.

N. Krupskaya with women-workers, 1928.

Kara Kum melody, 1928.

To Moscow for work, 1928.

Schoolchildren of Turkmenia, 1928.

Beginning of collectivization, 1929.

Bread for the state, 1928.

“We gonna live better!”, 1929.

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