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Soviet Photography 1917-1940 part 2 of 2

from English Russia

A set of interesting pictures of the early Soviet times.

Tram stop, 1930s.

Moscow, 1930s.

Monument to F. Lassalle in Leningrad, 1930.

Street photographer, 1930s.

In the kolkhoz nursery, 1930s.

Pilot Lyapidevsky, 1930s.

Food for the country, 1930.

Young communist at the wheel. Pulp and Paper Mill. Balahna. 1931.

Kuzbass miner, 1932.

Student, 1932.

Removal of the tsarist coat of arms. 1935.

“Give way to the woman!”, 1935.

Happy motherhood, 1935.

Demostration, 1935.

Quality inspector, 1935.

GUM department store in Moscow, 1935.

Kiev station in Moscow, 1936.

Female trick rider in Kirgizia. 1936.

Kolkhoz wedding, 1938.

Moscow is meeting M. Gromov, the Soviet pilot.

General Zhukov at the Halkin-Gol. 1939.

Morning in Moscow, 1940.
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