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The tallest female in the World

Zeng Jinlian - 8 feet 1.75 inches (248.3 cm)

Zeng Jinlian (June 26, 1964 – February 13, 1982) was the tallest female ever recorded in medical history, taking Jane Bunford's record. She is also the only female counted among the 16 individuals in medical history who reached a verified eight feet or more. At the time of her death at the age of 17, in Hunan, China, she was 8 ft 1.75 in (248.3 cm) tall. However, she could not stand up straight due to a severely deformed spine.

Zeng Jinlian - The Tallest Person in the World
Nevertheless, she was the tallest person in the world at the time. In the year between the death of 8 feet 2 inch Don Koehler and her own, she surpassed fellow 'eight-footers' Gabriel Estavao Monjane and Suleiman Ali Nashnush. She was the second woman in recorded history to become the tallest person in the world. Jane Bunford was the first.

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