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The Grand Jellyfish Chandeliers and Other Aquatic Light Sculptures of the 2015 Vivid Sydney Lights Festival

Vivid Sydney, the spectacular annual light festival going on in Australia from May 22 to June 8 this year, has just released some sneak peek photos of some of their most dazzling light installations. Ample Projects has createdJellyfish Chandeliers, huge handcrafted sea creatures that are 3 meters in diameter and are 9 meters in length. Their frames are made of steel and are covered with satin fabric. The tentacles are made up of LED rope, globe lighting and fibre optics. The glowing sculptures hang high above passengers who have just stepped off the train at Chatswood station.

The enormous light fixtures are a part of a whole underwater light walk journey in Chatswood. Ample Projects and 32 Hundred Lighting have collaborated to transformed Chatswood Mall into an immersive, light-filled river where the ground resembles ripping blue water. There's even an ambient electronic water soundtrack that will make visitors feel as though they're listening to rolling waves. Swimming in the river will be lights sculptures of underwater characters. Situated at the mouth of the Flowing River of Light is the Aquarium, a projection that transforms the underside of a pedestrian overpass into a light show. It acts as an unexpected overhead window view into an underwater world and is centered around an electric eel living at the mouth of the river.

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