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House Zilvar / ASGK Design

Architects: ASGK Design

Location: Lodín, Czech Republic

Design Team: Gabriela Kapralova, Vitek Donat, Peter Hricovec

General Contractor: Tesari Osik

Area: 83.0 sqm

Project Year: 2013

Photographs: Petra Hajska

The open-plan house consists of a lounge, kitchen and dining area downstairs, which open out to the bedroom galleries at opposite ends of the house upstairs, by industrial-shaped staircases either end, providing communication between all sections of the house. Moreover, an optical illusion of an even larger space is created by the very large glass panes and sliding doors, which link the living area inside to the eastern terrace outside and also by using the same flooring throughout. An outdoor space, protected from the rain, surrounds the northern entrance and is graduated on the east side, providing a dry, outdoor area all year round. 

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