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Drone Photos Reveal The Incredible Density Of High-Rises In Hong Kong

Navigating the streets of Hong Kong can be a challenging experience, not least because the city ranks as one of the world’s most densely populated. But photographer Andy Yeung has come up with a unique and mesmerizing way to photograph this amazingly busy metropolis.

‘I wanted to use a special angle to show how people can live in the world’s most densely populated city,’ says Yeung, who spent two months photographing the city by drone as part of his Urban Jungle photo series. And he certainly has come up with something special in these remarkable aerial images of Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan, Wan Chai and Sham Shui Po districts.

Hong Kong has more buildings taller than 500 feet (150m) than any other city. It also has a population of over seven million people who live in an area of little over 400 square miles. That’s over 17,000 people per square mile! Still, while it might be a little crowded, no other place comes close to replicating Hong Kong’s irresistible charm.

Click here for more mind-blowing images of this amazing city.

More info: Andy Yeung | Facebook (h/t: PetaPixel)

With seven million people, Hong Kong is the 4th most densely populated places in the world. However, plain numbers never tell the full story. In his ‘Architecture of Density’ photo series, German photographer Michael Wolf explores the jaw-dropping urban landscapes of Hong Kong.
He rids his pictures of any context, such above or the earth below, and rarely includes people, either. The images are large scale flat captions of buildings which appear to be infinite and haunting.

Michael’s main focus has always been life in mega cities, capturing the urban beauty of the “architecture and the vernacular culture of metropolises,” as explained in his statement.
The distinctive feature of Michael’s work is said to be his ability to“find the symbolic value in those seemingly insignificant details that so often go unnoticed”.
Be sure to visit Michael’s website for more!

Website: via: twistedsifter

Michael Wolf: Architecture Of Density (the Outside Volume Of Hong Kong Inside/outside) Hardcover – December 17, 2014

by Michael Wolf (Author)

Stunning and sobering, the photographs of high-rise apartment buildings in Hong Kong by German photographer Michael Wolf reveal his personal fascination with life in mega-cities.
Having lived there for several years, Wolf began to document Hong Kongs extreme development and complex urban dynamics, and how these factors play into the relationships between public and private space, anonymity and individuality, in one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. 
His close-up view takes the repetitive facades and colourful palettes out of their architectural context, instead offering urban patterns. With an introduction by Ernest Chui and essay by Natasha Egan.
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