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Gespenster Geschichten (Ghost Stories)

The comic series ghost stories appeared from March 1974 to March 2006 initially 14-day, later than a week United tape in Bastei . With a total of 1654 published issues the series was the most successful of the Bastei publishing house and considering the number of issues and on the length of the period of publication of a successful comic series in Germany.

On 13 October 2008, started ghost stories new to Tiger Press Publishing House. The series, however, was discontinued after the third booklet together with all other publications of Tiger Press publishing house due to bankruptcy again.

Each issue four to five short stories were published 4-8 pages in length usually. In the early years, most stories reprints from various American horror series, and later included stories by Argentine and Spanish subscribers. In the 1980s he designed and drew Hansrudi scrubber some stories. Since the late 1990s, only stories from old issues were with few exceptions, from no. 1199 reprinted .

Trademark of the series was the slogan at the end of almost all stories: "Strange? But as it is written ... "

The new ghost stories at Tigerpress contained, in addition to books and a magazine unit and as a side dish, a radio play CD. The first two CDs were ever a series of adventures of the demon hunter Malcolm Max, which were produced for the magazine. The third booklet was a radio play to movie Hellboy in. Malcolm Max is since 2011 the publisher Romantruhe within range of spirits shocker continued.

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