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Amandalynn: Seasons of Change

Amandalynn is a fine artist and muralist, whom is continually inspired by the beauty of nature and the characters found within. She is fascinated by the seasonal changes that occur not only within the flora and fauna of the world, but also that happen within a personal life cycle. She has created a new series of paintings and murals, illustrating the different moods, emotions, and energies that occur during different cycles of life and nature. Over the course of this past year, she has been able to witness the delicate beauty of new life, the calm still of passing life, and the joyous passion received from living an inspired life.

Amandalynn intends to capture the beauty of nature's cyclical change within this newest series of work.

ArtHatch Mural Installation: May 4 - 14, 2016
To coincide with her exhibition, Amandalynn will be painting a mural along the side of ArtHatch's 140 ft long building from May 4- 14. The original painting will be part of her exhibition.


As a fine artist, Amandalynn is inspired by the female form and spirit. She is passionate about her illustrative depictions of strong, seductive women, capturing an alluring invitation to each viewer through strong line work and decorative patterning. Amandalynn shows her artwork extensively throughout the world. Additionally, she is continually invited to create murals throughout the world. Amandalynn has welcomed a huge fan base through being the art director for Kaaboo Music and Art Festival. Her artworks and murals appeared throughout the festival's initial launch in Del Mar in 2015 and will again be featured in 2016 in Del Mar and additional upcoming festivals. The exposure has helped Amandalynn to further develop a strong collecting base.
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