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BLIPS, A Set of Lenses That Transform Your Devices Into Portable Digital Microscopes

BLIPS is a paper thin set of microscope lenses for smartphone, tablets and many other devices, such as PCs, etc. The lenses are so slim that you can connect them to your device or keep them in your pocket without having to worry about losing them.

BLIPS has two different magnification levels:

MACRO: used to observe insects and objects in motion.

MICRO: Max resolution can be achieved by using transmitted light through the subject you are observing.

BLIPS is repositionable and reusable: it sticks again and again! It incorporates patent pending technology and sophisticated design, all in a simple product. Each element is composed by a specifically designed objective lens placed on a flexible electrostatic film. No glue is used behind the lenses, so that there are no residues left on the camera. It was developed by SmartMicroOptics within the neuroscience labs of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

BLIPS is being offered exclusively on Kickstarter. The Basic Kit can be pre-ordered now for €20.

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