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Alberto Martini Art (1876 - 1954)

"Alberto Martini (November 24, 1876 – November 8, 1954) was an Italian painter, engraver, illustrator and graphic designer. Critics have described Martini's range of work from "elegant and epic" to "grotesque and macabre" and consider him one of the precursors of Surrealism." -
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Previous posts on Alberto Martini include the following..
Danza Macabra Europea (1915)
Edgar Allan Poe Illustrations (1905)
Illustrations from Dante's Divine Comedy (1937)
Birth - Human Suffering (1923)

Death - The tragedy of force, from "Mysteries" 1914

Grotesque, 1915

  • Illustration from "Between Thee And Him Alone" published in "Raw Edges" by Perceval Landon, 1908

  • Ex libris diablerie for Irene Dwen Pace, 1949

  • The Sold Virgin

  • Madness, 1914

  • Illustration from "The Gyroscope" published in "Raw Edges" by Perceval Landon, 1908

  • Illustration from "Railhead" published in "Raw Edges" by Perceval Landon, 1908

  • Illustration from "Thurnley Abbey" published in Raw Edges by Perceval Landon, 1908

  • The Mermaid and Mosko

  • Grotesque, Mask, 1915

  • Animation, 1915

  • Aglauros Became Rock, 1947

  • Business Cards for Domenico Longo and Vittorio Pica, 1915

  • Human Heart, Frontpiece for The Mysteries, 1915

  • Witch, 1915

  • Traviso, 1914

  • But now that I'm awake, 1910
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