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Rare Photos From History

Paris Flood

NYC Hats
This photograph was taken in New York City back in 1939 where it seems that people were quite fond of wearing a hat. In fact, can you see one person who isn’t wearing a hat? Maybe it was to counter the pigeon problem…

Boxing Ladies
The most remarkable thing about this particular photograph is simply how well it was timed. I think the woman taking one on the chin here might be in for a bit of pain if those ladies sitting behind here don’t catch her. This photo was taken during the 1930s.

Ankle Contest
If I didn’t give you that heading “Ankle Contest”, what on Earth would you think is actually happening in this picture? Could it be a cop trying to pick out the woman who kicked him in the face as she was fleeing a crime scene? What we do know is that this photo was taken in 1930. What we don’t know is why there was ever such a thing as an ankle contest….or why it had to be judged by a policeman.

This image displays one of the awful by-products of war which is often forgotten. These little ones are the orphaned babies as a result of the Vietnam War. They are being transported to the United States as part of Operation Babylift in 1975.

Sound Finders
These thing look like Walt Disney took a short cut through a field of mushrooms on his way to make the next Mickey Mouse cartoon. Actually, they are said to be “sound finders” and were used to determine which way the enemy planes were attacking from during the First World War.

Portable TV
Is it just me or does this image kind of remind you of Futurama for some weird reason? This is a portable television circa 1967. Of course, we now know that technology would allow this to be much smaller now so it could have merit if it weren’t for one small thing; why? Why would you want to be able to move around freely whilst having your entire visual scope taken up by a television? That’s asking for trouble I think.

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