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Garry Schlatter – Australian Photographer – Inspiration

Garry Schlatter has given me great ideas for composition and lighting when taking landscape photographs, so I thought it would be great to showcase his talent to even more people and provide quality inspiration.
Garry’s words, from his site:
“Passionate Amateur Photographer. Photography is a visual language. It can touch and stimulate our deepest emotions. The beauty of creation and nature invokes such a curiosity in me, I can’t help but explore new and exciting places to capture those moments of unimaginable perfection. “We do not take pictures with our cameras, but with our hearts and minds” – Arnold Newman”
Cape Moreton Lighthouse - Moreton Island - by Garry Schlatter
Cape Moreton Lighthouse - Moreton Island
The Shell - by Garry Schlatter
The Shell
The Big Red - by Garry Schlatter
The Big Red
Night Rider - by Garry Schlatter
Night Rider
Toothed - by Garry Schlatter
The Dance of Joy - by Garry Schlatter
The Dance of Joy
Buderim Falls - Sunshine Coast - by Garry Schlatter
Buderim Falls - Sunshine Coast
The water source beneath one-fifth of Australia
The water source beneath one-fifth of Australia
Mum...I wanna be a Photographer - by Garry Schlatter
Mum...I wanna be a Photographer
Patterns in Nature - by Garry Schlatter
Patterns in Nature
10 Knots - by Garry Schlatter
10 Knots
Australian Open - by Garry Schlatter
Australian Open
Surfer feelin' good - by Garry Schlatter
Surfer feelin' good
His majesty, the Boab
Railway to Heaven - Star Trails - by Garry Schlatter
Railway to Heaven - Star Trails
Moments of Silence
Hidden moon - by Garry Schlatter
Hidden moon
Tree alive at night - by Garry Schlatter
Tree alive at night
Forgotten - by Garry Schlatter
Quandamooka - by Garry Schlatter
The wash - by Garry Schlatter
The wash
Heaven Knows - by Garry Schlatter
Heaven Knows
Gayundah - by Garry Schlatter
Another freaking storm - by Garry Schlatter
Another freaking storm
Do you ever dream? - by Garry Schlatter
Do you ever dream?
All of Garry Schlatter’s Photographs are protected, © Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved.
To see more stunning shots visit Garry’s Flickr Photo Stream and his website:
Checkout Garry’s free photo guides as well:
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Written by Mike

Michael Scott is the publisher and photographer behind Scott Photographics! He is very passionate about his photography and enjoys sharing the best of his experiences for others to enjoy too! Contact Mike via email!

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