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Joe Coleman's Art
Joe Coleman, born 11/22/55, is a painter, performer, and collector of oddities.
Coleman's PAINTINGS have been exhibited in Museums and galleries across the United States and Europe and are in the collections of Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Iggy Pop, and Jim Jarmusch. His PERFORMANCES range from the seminal 1970s punk band The Steel Tips, his 1980s exploding geek act as Professor Mombooze-o, to his more recent roles in feature films by Asia Argento and Julian Hobbes. His work has been published in numerous BOOKS, PRINTS and RECORDS. He lives in Brooklyn New York with his world-class collection of sideshow oddities, serial-killer ephemera and wax-museum dioramas, known as THE ODDITORIUM.

“Joe Coleman... His art is something else. Praise! Praise! He’s a caveman in a spaceship!"
Charles Manson

"His pictures are as delicately made as lace and have the vivid presence of icons."
The Financial Times

"Like Grosz in the 1920's, he holds a drastic mirror up to his own times."
Berlin Tagesspiegel,

“If P.T. Barnum had hired Breughel or Bosch to paint sideshow banners they might have resembled the art of Joe Coleman."
The New York Times

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