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The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, A Collection of Bizarre Artifacts and Oddities in London, England

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities is a thoroughly bizarre museum that houses an eclectic collection of oddities and artifacts inside a tightly packed basement in London’s Hackney neighborhood. The collection, which includes a shrunken head, two-headed calf, and “unidentifiable worms,” is the work of Viktor Wynd, a self-described “pataphysicist,” dilettante, antiquarian, and founder of The Last Tuesday Society. Despite the museum’s antiquated aesthetic, it actually opened late last year. Wynd has created a book about the museum entitled Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders.

Photographed by Oskar Proctor, these images capture the curiosities and horrors found in the collections of many other eccentrics. From shrunken heads and narwhal tusks to old erotica to occult paintings, the series of images are fascinating and unique.

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