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There's An Abandoned Island Off The Coast Of New York, And What's On It Will ....

#1 Left To Rot Away
So the island continues to rot away, the island taking back it's land, as it sits just outside New York.

#2 Option Of A Prison
There were talks about building a prison in the 1980's, but the prison ended up being built in upstate New York.

#3 Unappealing In Many Ways
With the noise from LaGuardia Airport, the cost of construction and the sewerage system, in addition to the cost of materials and getting the materials out to the island, it just has never been an appealing option to a buyer.

#4 No Investors Interested
The island was reportedly up for sale in the 1970's, but no investors were interested.

#6 Rehab
The hospital was changed to a rehab facility in the 1950's, for people who were addicted to drugs.

#7 North Brother Island
How can an island next to a city with so many people become abandoned?

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