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St George's Church

Location: Czech Republic
This Czech church was abandoned in 1968 when the ceiling fell in in the middle of a funeral! Now artist Jakub Hadrava made these creepy statues in the pews, making the church a must-see on the world circuit of the freaky.

St. George's Church in the Czech Republic was in danger of closing until a local artist saved the day. He added something to the church that made it special. It wasn't more holy water or statues. It was a haunting installation that played up the church's reputation for being cursed.

St. George's Church was abandoned and left to deteriorate for nearly three decades, but was saved for being cursed. What an interesting PR move. Even if you don't believe in curses, you'll love what Jakub Hadrava did. The ghostly installation sends chills down my spine.

White ghostly figures dressed in robes now fill the pews and the aisle of the church and they are attracting hundreds of tourists who are donating their cash to keep the church open.

The strange phantoms are made using plaster and eerie lighting which make the unearthly installation look even creepier at night.

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