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Asylums Were Once Mansions Full Of Nightmares And Insane Treatments

Reasons for being admitted into an asylum in the late 1800s, including "laziness" and "masturbation for 30 years."

Vintage straitjacket.

Getting comfy.

This 20th century radium therapy might have done more harm than good for patients.

Diathermia was a treatment that involved sending a jolt of electricity through the patient's brain. 
It also proved to be unpredictable and harmful.

Creepy wall art from an abandoned mental institution in Italy.

In the 1800s, the doctors had a penchant for storing pieces of patients' brains in wax for reasons unexplained.

This 17th century mask was worn by violent patients to keep them from biting people.

It was once believed that mental disorders could be steamed away. Here are some patients in a sauna.

Tools for lobotomies.

This 1961 picture is from an asylum in Spain. It appears to be some form of cruel punishment.

In some asylums, a "sleeping massage" was used to calm patients.

This was a popular style of restraint chair.

This abstract drawing might have been considered a masterpiece if it wasn't drawn by a schizophrenic patient.

Never walk past door number 5

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