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Omnia is a self-described "neoceltic pagan folk" band based in the Netherlands and whose members over the years have had Irish, Dutch, Cornish, Belgian and Persian backgrounds. Their music takes on the form of various cultural routes, from places around the world such as Ireland, England, Cornwall andPersia.

They sing in English, Irish, Breton, Finnish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Latin and Hindi and play Celtic harp, mouth harp, hurdy-gurdy, bodhrán, guitar,bouzouki, didgeridoo, flutes of all kinds, bagpipes, various drums and percussion instruments.

Present band line-up[edit]
Steve "Sic" Evans van der Harten (lead vocals, double flute, overtone flute, whistle, bouzouki, darbukka, dombek, davul, mouth harp)
Jennifer "Jenny" Evans van der Harten (lead vocals, Celtic tall harp, piano, hurdy-gurdy, bodhrán, hammered dulcimer)
Daphyd "Crow" Sens (slideridoo, didgeridoo, mouth harp, vocals)
Rob "Raido" van Barschot (drums and percussion)
Satrya Karsono (acoustic guitar and backing vocals)

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