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Lancia Fulvia

The Lancia Fulvia (Tipo 818) is an Italian car introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1963 by Lancia and produced until 1976. Fulvias are notable for their role in motorsport history, including winning the International Rally Championship in 1972. On testing it in 1967, Road & Track summed up the Fulvia as "a precision motorcar, an engineering tour de force". Named after Via Fulvia, roman road leading from Tortona to Torino.

The Fulvia was available in three variants: Berlina 4-door saloon, 2-door Coupé, and Sport, an alternative fastback coupé designed and built by Zagatoon the Coupé floorpan. When leaving the factory all but a few of the Coupés originally fitted Pirelli Cinturato 165HR14 tyres (CA67).

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Lancia Fulvia is very elegant looking car which has won Geneva Motor show in 1963. It was introduced by Lancia in the year 1963-1976. It was compact car which can be used and stylish family car. It had four door saloon and 2 door coupe with FF layout platform. Fulvia can be winner in all segments because of its stylish and powerful look.

Engine Power: engine is very powerful with 1091 cc Lancia V4, 1216 cc Lancia V4, 1199 CC Lancia V4, 1231 cc Lancia V4, 1298 cc Lancia V4 and 1584 cc Lancia V4. Fulvia will always be remembered for it role in automobile racing and winning international rally. It was one of the most in demand cars for rally purpose and people love to take advantage of it as it was can also be compact family car.

Coolest Car in the World: Lancia Flavia/2000 Berlina

Inspired by the casting of Nikki Lauda’s road car in the forthcoming movie Rush. We are calling it: the coolest car that was ever made is the Lancia Flavia and later 2000 Berlinas.

Lancia was the coolest car company in the world. That’s a given right? I mean everything about them was so right – check out this list:

  • Italian
  • Vincenzo Lancia was a pilot, engineer, race car driver, a hero
  • Lancia built a sensational, race winning Grand Prix car, the D50
  • Lancia is the most successful rally marque in the world
  • World’s first V6 engine
  • The best model names: Fulvia, Integrale, Aurelia etc
  • World’s first 5 speed box
  • 0 to the 3 to the 7!
Ok so can we move on? Lancia is the coolest marque. But what makes the Flavia/2000 Berlina the coolest model. There are so many that have a stake to that claim, the cute Fulvia, the rakish Aurelia or any of the ultra-eccentric Zagato bodied models. Well to be cool you can’t be conventionally good looking (see Steve McQueen) and no one could claim that the Berlina is pretty, but boy is it handsome and the detailing is exquisite. You also need a level of understated modesty and Berlina has that in spades.

Exclusivity also helps in the coolness stakes and thanks to a ridiculously high price tag when new Flavias were never built in large numbers. Add to this Lancia’s propensity to tin-worm and you have the classic ingredients for a rare old car.

Finally we have the Berlina’s mechanical attributes, and this is where the deal is clinched. The jewel like aluminium flat four engine, disk brakes on all four wheels, front wheel drive, five speed gearbox all add up to a delicious package.

So there you have it: Lancia Flavia Berlina uber-cool.

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