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My Room Project – A photographer documents the bedrooms worldwide

My Room Project is a project built since 2012 by the South African photographer John Thackwray, who wanted to document the bedrooms from around the world, featuring their owners in their intimate environment through 55 countries. From Japan to Saudi Arabia through France, Thailand, Russia, India or Zimbabwe, My Room Project offers us a look at the living conditions around the world, but also at the personnal universe that we build according to our age, our passions, our occupation, or our country. The photographs of the My Room Project will be published in a book scheduled for late 2016, and currently available for pre-order.

ROOM#385 – PEMA – Katmandu – Nepal

ROOM#256 – RYOKO – Tokyo – Japan

ROOM#192 – ANDREEA – Bucharest – Roumania

ROOM#149 – OSIA – Ha Selomo – Lesotho

ROOM#466 – ELAHE – Teheran– Iran

ROOM#665 – MARCELLO – La Paz – Bolivia

ROOM#290 – YUAN – Dali – China

ROOM#365 – LALU – Varanasi – India

ROOM#829 – SALEH – Riyad – Saudi Arabia

ROOM#313 – FHA – Ban Saingam – Thailand

ROOM#219 – MALEEQ – New York – United States

ROOM#348 – ASHA – Bamansemilya – India

ROOM#024 – JOSEPH – Paris – France
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