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Stunning Photographs of London in 1970/71 by David Wisdom

David Wisdom took these pictures in 1970 and 1971 while he was sharing a luxury flat in Holly Hill, Hampstead with a group of friends from Vancouver, all of whom in some way were trying to get ahead in the world of Art. The building was owned by Benny Goodman’s manager, who said that Mick and Keith had once owned the flat below and had left it in a shambles.

David Wisdom was born in post-war England to a couple of touring actors of the repertory stage. In 1952 he was moved to Vancouver where he has spent most of his life .He is best known for his 30 year career on CBC Radio as host and producer of many music programs, where he was known as Canada’s answer to John Peel. He was a member of the bands French Hand Laundry, UJ3RK5 and The Young Winstons, and has written about popular music for a number of publications. His photographs have been exhibited by The Teck and Equinox Galleries in Vancouver, as well as The Vancouver Art Gallery. He has organized and presented scores of multi-artist slide shows since 1969 in dozens of venues, indoors and out, including The PuSH Festival in Vancouver, The Elks Hall in Sidney Nebraska, Mahon Hall on Salt Spring Island, and for the past seven years at The Vancouver Art Gallery.

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