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The new Triumph Street Twin was introduced in late 2015 to much interest from the public and motoring media, although technically the new 1200cc Triumph Bonneville was listed as the successor to the outgoing 898cc Bonneville – it’s the Street Twin that’s the most similar in size and performance.
The original “new” Bonneville first released in 2001 is largely credited with kicking off the retro motorcycle trend that seems to be doing nothing but gaining speed even 15 years later. Triumph spent years developing the successors to the Bonneville and Scrambler, and there was no small amount of gossip in motorcycle journalism circles about what the new bikes might look like and what the specifications of the new engines would be.

The Triumph Street Twin is the most affordable of the new series and the overwhelming majority of the reviews you’ll read online give it5 stars and a glowing overall assessment. It’s lighter than the outgoing Bonneville with significantly increased power, 18% more torque, and improved handling thanks to the new frame and suspension.

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