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  • Vessyl

This ordinary-looking cup actually features smart technology that analyzes pretty much any liquid you put inside it. It can measure caffeine levels, calories, and sugar, to name but a few. A great invention for those who want to cut down on certain ingredients. The downside is that this has been in development since 2014, and is just starting to be made available to the public now. It should cost around $200.

  • EliptiGO Arc

We all know that elliptical machines and bike trainers are a huge thing with gym junkies. But have you ever seen one that you can actually ride around? That's right, this thing actually MOVES. Just be prepared to work extra hard to actually get anywhere.

  • Thin Ice
This is the ultimate for people who want to burn calories without actually doing any work. It's a piece of "smart clothing" that will help you burn up to 1,000 additional calories a day. It's controlled through a mobile app, and it cools the body in key areas which stimulates the body to burn away fat. It costs about $99.

  • Marpo Kinetics VLT Functional Rope Trainer

A big new craze right now with fitness machines involves rope machines. But this machine is totally new and unique. It's built to simulate what it's like to climb and pull yourself up a rope. It's small and compact, meaning you can fit it in your home, and it features a wide range of different difficulties.

  • Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

You know in those sci-fi movies where they have full-body scanners that can tell you everything that's wrong with you? They invented something pretty similar. And now you can have it in your home. This device compiles Intel RealSense 3D data from your body, and can show you every part of your body in intense detail. If you're trying to lose weight or gain muscle in a certain area of your body, you can use this to get a really close look. You can even create a time lapse video of your body's transformation! But this thing isn't available yet, and when it does it will cost around $1000.

  • CityLight Street Lamp

This is such a cool idea. A company called INDEX invented this amazing streetlight that can also be used as a workout machine. It's designed to be free to use for the public. And the best part? The people working out actually POWER the light. That's right, the mechanical energy harvested from outdoor fitness freaks makes the light shine.
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