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Another card...



Heyo guys! Time for another card preview!

The doppelganger was one of the first sketches Vondell ever did for Story War. Really early on we had the idea of putting an optical illusion in the background, and in lieu of using Google Images placeholder art, I just took his sketch, put the illusion in the background, and used that.


That’s how it looked for basically the whole time, because c’mon, it’s pretty sweet. The illusion didn’t pop much, though, and it wasn’t a quite a high enough resolution to print, so it just sat with a “vondell make the illusion pop a bit more and draw it full-size” note for months.

So despite being among the first batch of sketches, it was the last of the Warrior cards to be completed - and you can see above that he took a general bookkeeping note and ran with it to upgrade something from cool into frickin’ incredible!

The doppelganger’s an awesome card to play, too. It just oozes creepiness and insanity and you can bet that those aspects get seriously capitalized on when it shows its face in-game.

Or should I say when it shows someone else’s face?

- Tom
Ah man I love this guy’s face too!

Also I love how his leg is stepping through the illusion.
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