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A Visual Compendium of Typewriters

 by Pop Chat Lab, An Art Print Featuring 60 of the Greatest Typewriters

Pop Chart Lab has created A Visual Compendium of Typewriters, a new art print that features “60 of the greatest typewriters from antiquity to recent history.” Signed and numbered prints are available to purchase online.
A throwback to the original word processor. Underscoring over 100 years of essential models from the first Hammond in 1870 to the Remington Rands and Smith Coronas of the 20th century, these marvelous contraptions are arrayed in ribbons of compositional innovation.
Perfect for those that love ligatures, laud legendary laureates, and lament the loss of the carriage return, this print is truly something to write home about.
A Visual Compendium of Typewriters
images via Pop Chart Lab
submitted via Laughing Squid Tips
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