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Iron Maiden - Raising Hell

Raising Hell is a concert video by the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, filmed on 28 August 1993 at the Pinewood Studios in London, England and broadcast live on pay-per-view television in the United Kingdom and on MTV in North America. The video was originally distributed on VHS and Laserdisc by BMG Special Products in the US and EMI in the rest of the world. It was subsequently released on DVD several years later in the US.

The concert was the last to feature vocalist Bruce Dickinson (until he returned to the band in 1999). The band played on stage in conjunction with horror magician Simon Drake, who ended up "killing" Dickinson in an Iron Maiden torture device, "amputated" Dave Murray's hands on a table saw and "killed" members of the crew and audience.

"Be Quick or Be Dead"
"The Trooper"
"The Evil That Men Do"
"The Clairvoyant"
"Hallowed Be Thy Name"
"From Here to Eternity"
"Fear of the Dark"
"The Number of the Beast"
"Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter"
"2 Minutes to Midnight"
"Afraid to Shoot Strangers"
"Heaven Can Wait"
"Run to the Hills"
"Iron Maiden"

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