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14 Times Cats Proved They’re The Undisputed Champions Of Hide-And-Seek

Cats are naturally mysterious creatures. As descendants of nocturnal hunters, they still possess all the stealth skills you would expect. Naturally, this also makes them the undisputed champions of hide-and-seek.

1. Here we see the official hide-and-seek crown.

2. Where’s Mittens?

3. I have a sinking feeling the cat is watching us.

4. Act natural.

5. They’re worth less out of the box.

6. “I is human.”

7. “I am the cat food now.”

8. “Did the dog tell on me?”

9. This guy couldn’t quite get into 
his hiding place in time.

10. Nailed it.

11. It’s almost like this container 
was made just for cats.

12. Not everybody can be a champion.

13. No one reads magazines anymore; 
it was the perfect hiding place.

14. “I’ve been found out!”
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