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The "Jupiter" factory of Pripyat

The "Jupiter" factory of Pripyat is a legend. According to the official history they used to make cassette recorders and other minor parts, but most of its shops made very different products. Secretly, in the grounds of "Jupiter" they were developing and assembling military computers and "black boxes", those products were mysteriously named "Product No:". Even today it is still not known for sure what products came off the assembly line here. We can only say that most of them were used for military submarines, fighters and even in the space industry.

The dimensions of the factory are impressive. While the absolute majority of the Pripyat population were working at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, most of the remaining were employed by this factory. "Jupiter" had been functioning up until the moment when power generation was completely stopped at the Chernobyl NPP. It was the main source of power for the factory.

Today it is completely abandoned and still being plundered. Even though people left it not so long ago, it still has many Soviet machines, devices and other stuff.

The building to the left is a canteen, to the right is an administration building also accomodating the service of special engineering works.

There are many posters reminding people that quiteness and hard work are necessary.
The room with sound insulation. They probably did acoustic testing of devices here.

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