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1920s Women Fashion Outbreak That Happened Almost 100 Years Ago

When World War One ended in 1918, people were obviously happy. So happy in fact that their collective euphoria ultimately influenced the fashion of the time. The era came to be defined by the emergence of vintage fashion, and as you can see from these pictures, it still looks awesome over 90 years later.

Before the 1920s, fashion in Western Europe was still somewhat rigid and impractical. Styles were restrictive and formal and there was little room to express yourself. But after the war people began to abandon such styles in favor of comfort and character. Women started to wear short skirts and trousers and men began to dress more informally, and the suits men wear today are still largely based on the style of those adopted in the late 1920s.

This vintage outbreak marked a turning point in contemporary western fashion, and today's styles still owe a lot to the styles of the Roaring Twenties.

(h/t: vintage everyday)

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