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Kujira Whale Knives

Hand-forged from high-carbon steel, these imaginative knives were originally designed for children by blacksmith Toru Yamashita. But their incredibly edge-retentive blade and playful, yet surprisingly practical, shape have proven useful for a wide range of tasks. From general use in the kitchen to a handy multi-purpose blade at the camp site, Kujira Whale Knives are ready to add a little fun to all your biggest, baddest cutting challenges.

  • Materials: High Carbon White Steel core, Kurochi Black forged finish
  • Dimensions: Apprx. 6" long (4" handle, 2" blade)
  • Includes one knife, your choice of style
  • Refer to product imagery when making your style selection (A, B, or C)
About Toru Yamashita
Toru Yamashita is a blacksmith in Japan’s Kochi prefecture. He first created a knife modeled after a Sperm Whale to fill a request for a blunt, “kid friendly” knife for sharpening pencils.

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