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10+ Of The Best Drone Photos Of 2016

Drones are the next big thing when it comes to photography and shooting video. Once an exclusive feature for the big companies, aerial shots are now becoming mainstream. As the drone photographers' community grows rapidly it comes as no surprise that they've decided to hold their very own awards. Here we bring you the best 9 of the 3rd Annual International Drone Photography Awards carried out by Dronestagram.

As you'll see below drone photography allows for quite a bit of diversity, from gorgeous natural landscape shots to everyday city scenes that are given a whole new perspective when observed from above. Interesting patterns and surreal scenarios emerge in these unique shots and here are the best of them.

More info: (h/t: demilked)

#1 1st Prize Winner – Category Travel: Basilica Of Saint Francis Of Assisi, Umbria, Italy

#2 2nd Prize Winner – Category Travel: Cable Beach

#3 1st Prize Winner – Category Nature Wildlife: Kalbyris Forest Denmark

#4 3rd Prize Winner – Category Travel: Summer Camp Of Gran Canaria, Spain

#5 Vilnius, Lithuania

#6 3rd Prize Winner – Category Nature Wildlife: Piton De La Fournaise, Volcano

#7 Moving Water Under The Venice Pier

#8 3rd Prize Winner – Category Sports Adventure: Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska

#9 1st Prize Winner – Category Sports Adventure: Moab Rock Climbing

#10 2nd Prize Winner – Category Nature Wildlife: Swarm Of Sheep

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