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Reggie Oliver - The Hauntings at Tankerton Park

Zagava Books recently published "The Hauntings at Tankerton Park" written and illustrated by Reggie Oliver. In place of a description I will provide a quote from the author that best summarizes the book..
“I just finished the last of the ninety odd drawings for a sort of children’s book entitled: The Hauntings at Tankerton Park – and how they got rid of them, a tale in verse… The words I wrote some time ago but the drawings have taken ages. I say ‘sort of’ children’s book because I wrote and drew it really to amuse myself and though it’s just the sort of book that I would have loved as a child, I was a peculiar sort of child (still am) and it might be too macabre for some. It is about a Victorian haunted house, quite mad and part of it is a rhyming alphabet.”
—Reggie Oliver

The book opens with the following text..
“In the year Eighteen ninety, a banker called Clark
Bought a place in the country called Tankerton Park
Mr Clark, Mrs Clark, with Laura and Faye
Their two little daughters, moved in one March day.
And with them came Ron, their pet dog, and a horse
And the usual posse of servants of course.
They found the place elegant roomy and smart,
But terribly troublesome right from the start.
Some quite inexplicable things would appear
Which struck the whole household with horror and fear
The strangest thing was that they could record a
Sequence of haunts in alphabet order”
The Hauntings at Tankerton Park can be purchased at the Zagava website here.

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