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The Ripple Project - The Beauty of Light Through Hand-Blown Glass

The Ripple Project, by London-based design studio Poetic Lab, is an examination of the effect of light when projected through a rotating, hand-blown glass down. The result is an ever-changing pattern that appears to mimic the movement of water.


Year - 2013
Client - J. & L. Lobmeyr
Dimension - H 520mm D 400mm + H 300mm D 200mm, H 450mm D 350mm + H 220mm D 150mm
Material - Brass, Glass, Stainless Steel, Motor, G4 Halogen, Light Bulb

The Ripple Project studies the beauty of glass. When a beam of light is projected through the gently rotating mouth-blown glass dome, shadow and light form a breathtaking, ever-changing pattern, where the aesthetic goes beyond the material itself.

The process of making this project includes both tradition glass craft skills and modern production engineering of the moving parts. The designers realised that the beauty of glass lies in the uneven surface resulted from the traditional mouth-blowing process. While the craft skill freezes the beauty of glass in time, the elegant and precise rotation brings the flow of material back to life, as if the dome exists with an uncertainty.

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