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Sarai Batu - Capital of The Golden Horde

The Astrakhan region can boast of an ancient settlement Sarai Batu - the former capital of the Golden Horde and a major ancient trading center
From about 1710 to 1765 there was a nitrate factory in these places. The part of the ancient settlement was surrounded by a stone wall. Bricks from the settlement were also used in its construction.

Closer to the end of the 18th century the National academy organized several scientific expeditions to describe unknown parts of the Russian empire.

Some members of those expeditions compiled information about the settlement.

In 1770 such remaining buildings were mentioned: a mosque, mausoleums and underground crypts.

Two years later the grand rich building with crypts (probably mausoleum) was described.

Apart from excavating great collections of decorations, ceramics, coins etc., the explorers started to point out slow destruction caused by local peasants.

In 1333 Arabian travellers mentioned that the settlement was inhabited by Mongols, Kipchaks, Circassians, Russians and Byzantines.

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