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Vintage Sex Instruction Book Ads: No Woman Is Safe

Old magazines, especially men-only rags, were brimming with advertisements for sex advice books. During the 1950s, it wasn’t easy for a young man to get the know-how he needed to feel confident when that special moment arrived.
A guy’s greatest fear was looking like a clueless fool on his wedding night – and with precious little pre-marital opportunity, it was a very real possibility. 
Thankfully, there were illicit ads in the back of those forbidden girlie magazines which promised him the knowledge and skills needed to confidently deflower his bride.

Check out the topic list: “Counsel for the Bewildered Groom”, “Hazards of the First Night”…

“Know what to do on your wedding night to avoid the torturing results of ignorance…”
Okay, but why does the book have “Eugenics” in the title?

Guys and gals were evidently so clueless, they bought how-to books on kissing! This book “explains and discusses the 23 kinds of kisses”.

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