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Rock Flowers '72

Mattel cranked-out some super groovy toys for boys and girls in the 70's, and here we see them teaming up with Whitman to release Rock Flowers paper dolls based on the ultra fab fashion figures of the same name (click HERE to read more info about 'em; then see my all time favorite doll commercial HERE; and listen to a couple of the rockin' bubblegum 45's they came packaged with, just click HERE and HERE to kick-out some jams!) The paper dolls came with 3 of theRock Flowers: Heather, Rosemary, and Lilac, plus an assortment of wild concert "costumes" --the back cover even doubles as a stage for them to perform upon! Print these scans on thick stock paper and just cut 'em out with scissors-- now you can have some Rockin' Flowerpower fun of your own!

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