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the 70th anniversary of Lucky Luke and perfect for Lego.

Hello and welcome to my next Lego Idea,
and the first Idea of 2016.

Lucky Luke with the Dalton Brothers (including a Sheriffs Office, Rantanplan and Jolly Jumper)

Lucky Luke is a Belgian comics series created by Belgian cartoonist Maurice De Bevere,
better known as Morris, and for one period written by René Goscinny.
Set in the American Old West, it stars the title character Lucky Luke, the cowboy known
as the " man who shoots faster than his shadow".

Publication date: December 7, 1946

So its the 70th anniversary of Lucky Luke and perfect for Lego.

The Set would contain:

Lucky Luke
Jolly Jumper (the smartest horse in the world)
Rantanplan (the stupidest dog in the universe)
The Daltons (Joe, William, Jack and Averell)
a Sheriffs Office
some Decorations like: a cactus, a standpipe, a sign, gold, tools...

The roof can be removed to play inside the office.
The office would contain a desk and some cupboards.
On the side there would be a prison with a bed.
To realize a "prison break" the wall could be removed.

Hope you like this litte Wild West Lucky Luke Comic Set.
I've got so many memories with Lucky Luke and
maybe you too.

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