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Halong Bay, Vietnam

The winged serpent, sent by the Jade Emperor, dropped from paradise into the ocean, and showered a thousand pearls from its mouth. From these falling pearls, the 1,600 shaggy limestone piles of Halong Bay developed, a colossal shape of cluttered karst post intended to shield Vietnam from trespassers in the Gulf of Tonkin. 

Most guests to Vietnam cruise past the rough outcrops - some taking off 100m high - on vessel travels, however a month ago Vietnam's first tourism seaplane propelled, flying guests over the Unesco world legacy site and giving them dynamite winged serpent eye sees. 

Hai Au Aviation's Cessna Grand Caravan, conveying 10 travelers, flies low finished the whole all encompassing karst fest - an immense zone of 43,400 ha of suffocated limestone karst nearly 165 km from the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi in northern Vietnam.

The transcending outcrops of Halong Bay, which signifies 'where the winged serpent dives to the ocean', overshadowed the delight vessels on their overnight travels and from the air the forested rocks now looked like overgrown irregularities and knocks - the venturing stones of a mammoth, thudded on an emerald green lake.

Assigned an Unesco world legacy site 20 years prior this year, the cove is one of Vietnam's most well known vacation spots. It is just as of late however, that few journey vessels have wandered advance east into the Gulf of Tonkin, to the external rough flanks of Bai Tu Long.


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