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from: Mr. P's Mythopedia

When it comes to heroes in ancient Greece, none were more well known than HERAKLES (or as many of you know him, by his Roman name, Hercules!). He was like Superman, mixed with all of the Avengers, with the blood of Zeus himself running through his veins. Dozens of tales were told about Herakles' outrageous strength, battles with unbelievable supernatural creatures and even messing with the Olympians at almost every step of the way. His most famous exploits took place during the Twelve Labors, a time of atonement for the big guy after his step-mother, Hera, drove him nuts and magically brought him to murder his much-loved family. Twelve Big Tasks, each one more outlandish than the next, and each one something no mortal could ever hope to handle. Check out this amazing map by Simon E. Davies that shows the journeys of Herakles on his epic adventures to clear his name and soul!!!

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